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What do you mean "snakes do not come in turquoise"? Going against natural patterns and colours is a way to create new looking products.
No Rules
We are all drawn to our need to save our environment and closeness to natural and organic elements. Feathers have decorated fashions for centuries and have fallen out of use. Most recently, we see them in trendy fashion accessories, as well as patterns and prints for the home.
Newest technologies are balanced with our need to replay the past. The computer rules our lives in many ways, as we are attached to them and them to us. Computer generated design, competes with handmade art and is defined by glowing colours, because they are light generated.
"Comp" Hues
Calm and serene, pastels are a balm for frazzled times. They balance the bright hues that blare and broadcast. Nothing says sweetness and light like confections. They put a smile on your face and take your worries away.
Fantasy takes us away from the cares of the day but also offers us a dreamlike state where there is no “normal”.
Out of Bounds
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