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Color Inspirations

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A Fresh Start

As we welcome in a new year it is also an opportunity to refresh our surroundings with a palette of clean and crisp colors. Here, we focus on reviving dining areas and kitchen spaces just in time for hosting guests in the new year. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can bring an energizing lift to your home without a complete overhaul and now discover how it can be done.  

Look to the clarity of Wish Upon a Star to add a fresh feature wall to your open plan dining space. For a classic feel combine with North Island, clean black outlines and natural wood surfaces. Satin Slipper is the perfect partner to these tones and can be used in soft textile accents to add a further element of warmth.

The soft quality of North Island offers a new neutral for the upcoming seasons and works best in smaller spaces. Used alongside accents of Baby Blossom for a contemporary option, this color is perfect for intimate dining settings and will add an easy improvement to your home.

For an instant rejuvenation, try gradient painting techniques using Wish Upon a Star and Water Droplet. Experiment with dark tones at the bottom of the walls and cabinets blending into light hues to add a sense of space and movement. Have some fun with the color scheme and paint furniture in two tones to mix and match with the walls.

​Create a delicate atmosphere for your dining areas with Satin Slipper with hints of Baby Blossom. this tinted white has a light finish that is sure to give an instant pick-me-up with minimal effort. A versatile tone that can be applied to small or large spaces, Baby Blossom is also the perfect backdrop to liquid glazed ceramics and patterned textiles.

For the next article, we'll be looking to a color focus that will give you inspiration for your interior spaces.

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