COLOR GUILD IS COMPRISED OF MORE THAN 55 regional paint manufacturers and 8 licensees from 16 different countries and is dedicated to the marketing, promotion and selling of paint products. The combined expertise and experience of the member companies makes Color Guild uniquely qualified to serve as a definitive resource on color and coatings. Challenges related to color are faced by designers, architects and manufacturing industries worldwide. As color experts, our job is to help tackle them. Color Guild colorists work tirelessly to predict and present trend colors 12 to 18 months in advance of their entree into the marketplace. These color experts carefully separate the fads from the facts as they identify color trends.

Most of our offerings are based on the "Color Is" Color System developed through many years of research. This system allows our clients to perceive visually over 1300 colors and keep them ahead of the ever-changing color curve.

Our colorists offer a number of forecast colors annually to keep our palette fresh and to support paint manufacturers to re-structure their color collection in order to increase sales. When it comes to predictions, Color Guild colorists are accredited members of global professional organizations that specialize in color forecasting and design. Most, if not all, subscribe to a variety of trend publications and many attend global trade shows and cover the earth in search of the next big color.

With a heritage reaching back 45 years we have gained a vast knowledge of color which enables us to be THE GLOBAL PAINT AND COLOR AUTHORITY.

For more information on the Color Guild, or to become a Color Guild member, please contact:

Robert A. Shapiro
6049 McNaughten Grove Lane
Columbus, Ohio 43213
(Office) 614-395-2470

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