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Tips for Selecting Paint Colors

How to Pick the Perfect Color

How to pick the perfect color.Some people are born with a gift of knowing color and style. They sense instinctively what would look perfect in this space or that, what color would add a pop of visual interest, what neutrals work best in what lighting. Thankfully, for the rest of us who don’t have that innate knowledge, there’s help.

Color expert Belinda Dietrich recommends that homeowners think about specific areas they want to focus on so that they can best use their time effectively. They should spend some time visualizing the mood they want the space to imbue—cozy and intimate, bright and energetic, luxurious or elegant. Find one thing they love in their space as an inspiration or focal point.

The process of selecting new colors begins by gathering information about the colors of the fixed components in the space, and make a list of colors you love or hate.

It can help to ask for an outside perspective. Other people and experts like Dietrich may see things that someone living in the space on a daily basis doesn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Does white make a room seem larger?

Is white the way to go?

White wall paint.If you have a smaller room in your home and you want to make it appear more spacious, you might assume that white would do the trick. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

According to color experts, a small room that is painted white can end up looking dirty and dingy. Blame the lighting—in dim light, shadows can be created that make the room feel smaller and more closed in, the opposite of what you want. Color can actually help a room appear bigger.

One option is painting your small space a saturated color, which can give it a feeling of grandeur and drama. The corners disappear visually, allowing the room to feel more spacious. Read the rest of this entry »

Painting Tips for an Open Floor Plan

How to paint walls with an open floor plan.

Painting tips for an open floor plan.

An open floor plan creates a spacious and accessible interior emphasizing modern traits and sleekness. When charged with the task of redecorating an open floor plan, it can seem daunting and overwhelming. All the space is visible at once, making your paint choices key. All areas need to complement each other while exuding an inviting vibe throughout. Your color scheme can make all the difference.

Color Scheme for an Open Floor Plan

  • Use the same color throughout the interior. Drastically different colors will disrupt the natural flow.
  • Use varying hues of the same color for contrast that won’t be distracting. This will add interest without hindering continuity.
  • Enhance small spaces by using visually receding colors with a satin finish. Visually receding colors are light shades of blue and green, light neutrals and light yellows and lilacs. Satin finishes reflect light, making the most of a tiny space. Read the rest of this entry »

Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in the Kitchen

Transform your kitchen with chalkboard paint.

You can create your own erasable, washable chalkboard wherever you need it with chalkboard paint. Transform your kitchen into an interactive and creative space with these chalkboard paint ideas. Go ahead, write on the walls — and the table and the cabinets and the ceiling!

Refrigerator Art

chalkboard paintTake your children’s art to the next level. Don’t simply hang their pictures on the refrigerator. Instead make the unit an ever-changing display case of doodles and drawings! Make the refrigerator into a multipurpose piece of art in itself. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Update Color Combinations

Give your home a fresh new look by updating your color scheme.

Paint color has the power to transform and revitalize a tired look. You can use color to engage and create welcoming home environments. If you’re trying to achieve a fresh new look without changing all the colors in a room, follow these color scheme tips.

How to update a color scheme.

A room can be refreshed without going through a complete color overhaul. Add in an unexpected color for a trendy way to make a theme seem new. Take the traditional and put in a pop of acid green, red-violet, or other seemingly avoided colors like swampy brown. Combined with other shades, these hues take on a new life.  Take a risk! Read the rest of this entry »

Color Trends in 2013

Best colors for 2013.

Color trends come and go, but if you’re looking for an update, these palettes will keep you in style and your home fashionable.

Color of the Moment

Emerald green simultaneously evokes a feeling of energy and the tranquility of nature, making it a diverse choice for Pantone’s Color of the Year. These nuances in the essence of green are relatable across the spectrum. The range in green hues are popular across the board with shades of chartreuse being a top pick.

Pantone Moroccan BlueFeeling Blue

Blue serves as the up-and-comer for 2013 and into 2014. The Mediterranean shade of Moroccan Blue is the color of choice. Complement it with ranging colors of blue for a look with depth. This will keep you on trend into the upcoming year as it is predicted Moroccan Blue will be the Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways to Use Leftover House Paint

How to Use Leftover House Paint

The EPA estimates that 10 percent of the house paint purchased each year ends up discarded.

We all know the problem of having too little paint. You’re halfway through completing a room and mid-stroke you realize there is not enough to cover all four walls. You go back to the store and try to have a batch made the matches it perfectly. It takes time out of your day and adds hassle to the process, which is why most of us err on the side of caution and over-purchase the gallons of paint needed for our project. But what do you do with that leftover paint? Here are some green and sustainable ways to add some extra life to that paint bucket without needing to dispose of  perfectly good paint. Read the rest of this entry »

Interior Paint Solutions: Burnishing

Paint burnishing is a common problem with paint, and is caused by a number of circumstances. No matter what the cause, there is an unwanted sheen from constant traffic of some kind.

Paint burnishing is a common problem with paint, and is caused by a number of circumstances. No matter what the cause, there is an unwanted sheen from constant traffic of some kind.

Paint burnishing occurs when the gloss or sheen of paint film increases when subjected to rubbing or brushing. This common problem is a nuisance, but don’t despair, it can be fixed. There are numerous causes of this undesirable effect, but the end result is the same: unwanted sheen from constant traffic.
Read the rest of this entry »

Primary Colors are Primarily Confusing

Why don’t my printer colors match my monitor? Why doesn’t my TV have a yellow adjustment? Welcome to the confusing world of what makes color what it is. I was taught that the primary colors were red, yellow and blue and that black is the absence of color and white is the presence of all colors, were you? When I became an adult and entered the enlightened age I found out it was all lies, well maybe not lies, but at least misconceptions.  As it turns out the red, yellow and blue thing was true for most of the applications that I use, such as paint, but in that theory, also known as subtractive color theory, white is the lack of color, not the presence of all color. Subtractive color is the theory that applies to paint, plastic and die and most opaque finishes.


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Color Matching

We all have a favorite color, that shade of green or blue or purple that just makes us feel good. But if you’re looking for Tiffany blue or Coca-Cola red for your next project, sometimes there just isn’t that perfect match in the countless options of paint chips available at the paint store.

That’s where color matching comes in handy. Experts can now take just about any item – a piece of jewelry, a blouse, even a pillow or door and copy it in paint. Consider it couture color at no extra cost.

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