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Decorating with Pretty Pastels

Springtime prints, paints, and accessories.

For me, springtime brings to mind grass turning green, yellow daffodils unfurling, tulips blooming. The return of warm weather, blooming trees’ light petals and lilac bushes leave me drawn to springtime pastels and light, dreamy colors.

That’s my inspiration for this week’s blog—decorating with pretty pastels, whether the colors are found in prints, paint or accessories. How do you like to use pastels?

An important thing to keep in mind when decorating with pastels is balance and the “sometimes less is more” concept—you don’t want your home to look like an overgrown Easter egg. The neutrals or bright accent colors you use along with your pastels are critical to keeping the look sophisticated and on trend. If you’re painting and want to incorporate pastel blue, for example, how about using an intense green hue as an accent color?

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Gray is Here to Stay

Gray Color Trends

There are color trends that come and go, colors that were once hip that are “in” again, and then there are certain neutrals that seem popular year after year. They have long-term staying power. Gray is one of those colors—it goes with so many complementary shades, can be cool or warm, acts as the perfect background for bright pops of color or can stand alone, too.

This bedroom uses gray to set the tone for a soothing, relaxing retreat.

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Home Trends in 2014: Beyond the Color of the Year

Home trends to try in 2014.

Sometimes we crave something new. We want to check out a new store, buy a new pair of shoes, try a new restaurant or travel to a new city. Change can be fun, exciting, and energizing. The same concept holds true for your home. It can be fun to add a zip of color here, a dash of style there. At the same time, we can’t redecorate our home constantly—no one has the time or energy for that. But there are ways to update your home to give it a fresh feel without breaking the bank.

Color expert Kate Smith knows a thing or two about how to refresh a home. She keeps up on the latest trends in design and offers knowledgeable, fresh interior paint tips for homes. She says that there are ways to update the look of your house without having to redo an entire space.

“What’s really interesting and on trend at the moment is to add in a really unexpected color,” says Smith. “Take your scheme, maybe a traditional scheme that’s even been around for a while, and all of a sudden bring in an acidy green, or a swampy brown, or even a red violet, but a color that you just generally would not ever think to use with the other colors that you have going on.”

Modern Living Room by Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography

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Celebrating President’s Day with Patriotic Colors

Incorporating patriotic colors into the home.

President’s Day was this week, but you don’t have to save your patriotic style for one day. Whether you decide to use some red, white and blue for the 4th of July, President’s Day, Memorial Day or throughout the year, there’s something about the colors that make you feel festive and energetic—like summer is right around the corner—even when it’s snowy and blustery outside.

There are many ways you can incorporate a patriotic color palette into your home’s décor, whether it’s going all out with the theme or with nods here and there in smaller doses.

One way to use color is, of course, with paint. If you’re looking to make a fun, energy-infusing change to your home’s atmosphere, you can get wet paint samples and try out the color first. Some fun ideas for themes include a red accent wall, like the one in this dining room:

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Decorating with Pink and Red

Valentine’s Day Inspired Rooms

Valentine’s Day is coming near, and ‘tis the season to see red, pink and white wherever you turn. Yes, it can be too much when your local gift store has overdone it. But it can be fun to decorate at home with red and pink, whether it’s a temporary use of the colors in honor of the holiday or a color scheme you enjoy year-round.

Personally, I love pops of red. The main living space in my home has accent colors of claret—mostly in an area rug, comfy throw and accent pillows. Red can warm up a space and add visual interest. However, you want to be careful when incorporating intense hues, especially reds. You don’t want to go overboard and end up with a space that feels intense or angry; you want reds that add positively to the vibe of a space. Depending on the tone and hue of the red you like, that might translate into an atmosphere that is energetic and has pizzazz, feels luxurious and elegant or seems rustic and comfortable.

Pink and Red Room

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Tips for Selecting Paint Colors

How to Pick the Perfect Color

How to pick the perfect color.Some people are born with a gift of knowing color and style. They sense instinctively what would look perfect in this space or that, what color would add a pop of visual interest, what neutrals work best in what lighting. Thankfully, for the rest of us who don’t have that innate knowledge, there’s help.

Color expert Belinda Dietrich recommends that homeowners think about specific areas they want to focus on so that they can best use their time effectively. They should spend some time visualizing the mood they want the space to imbue—cozy and intimate, bright and energetic, luxurious or elegant. Find one thing they love in their space as an inspiration or focal point.

The process of selecting new colors begins by gathering information about the colors of the fixed components in the space, and make a list of colors you love or hate.

It can help to ask for an outside perspective. Other people and experts like Dietrich may see things that someone living in the space on a daily basis doesn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

When to Use Tinted Primer

Tinted primer helps you achieve the perfect paint color.

Tips for tinted primer.Getting a gorgeous color to saturate your room starts with the right materials and of course, the right paint.  But don’t forget about what’s underneath. Using primer may seem like just an extra step, but it can do a lot for the finished look of your room.

Primer can help cut down on the number of coats of paint you’ll need, especially if you’re painting on new drywall. Primer is thicker than paint, so it will fill in pores in your walls and really even things out before you open up your cans of color. Read the rest of this entry »

Combining Wood Tones and Paint

Selecting the correct color for wood tones.

Combining wood tone and color.Color is a component that can revitalize a room and add interest. Wood tones, trim, and cabinetry provide a dilemma when selecting paint. Use the wood tone to pick a paint that will mix masterfully with your room.

How to choose paint based on wood tones.

If the wood tone is strong, like a golden oak or with a vibrant red cast to it, you will need to take the wood color into consideration when painting. This is important for choosing warm tones especially. Color for a golden oak should emphasize the yellow hues emanating from it. The undertones should match and blend beautifully when placed next to other warm colored objects.

If the wood is a more neutral, natural color, you have more room for range in color decisions. It is more malleable to the surroundings and can be made to fit your vision. It will work into your scheme naturally. Read the rest of this entry »

How Paint Color is Affected by Light

Looking at color with light.

How light affects paint color.It’s very important when choosing color that you look at it in all different light scenarios. Follow these expert tips so you don’t regret your color choice.

Choosing Color

Have you decided on a color and by nightfall, you’re regretting your decision? There’s a word for that: metamerism. Metamerism means that colors seem to change under different light conditions. That’s why testing is key! Read the rest of this entry »

Painting Trends: Accent Walls

Add color with an accent wall.

If you’re looking for a project to get your creative juices flowing again, adding an accent wall, or changing the color of a current accent wall, may be just the right project for you.

Before choosing a color, remember that not all walls are meant to be accent walls. The wall that features a fireplace, bed, bookcase, or other prominent accessory is more likely to be successful than other arbitrary walls of the room.

Once you’ve decided on the wall, it’s time to choose “the look”. Here are a few of the many accent wall options.

Accent wallMake It Bold: Adding a bright colored accent wall is like walking into a quiet room and yelling, “BOO!!” Most people are going to jump at first, and then love that you’re the fun and whimsical. Others will shy away from the peace and quiet that once was. If you’re already using bright colors for your room’s accessories, a bright accent wall will fit in beautifully. Read the rest of this entry »

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