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Spring Break Beach Colors for the Home

Paint Colors Inspired by Spring Break

It’s spring break season, and if my Facebook friends are any indication, throngs of people are heading south to warmer climates and sandy beaches. When you’re at the seashore, it’s wonderful to get away from the hustle and bustle of dreary, blah, cold life. The warm sunshine, sand between your toes, fresh ocean air—it’s an entirely sensational experience and pretty much the opposite of what we’re dealing with here at home! Even the décor at the beach is different, with bright colors of aqua to coral, and plenty of beach-themed accessories. If you love that vibe, you incorporate it into your décor once you’re home.

When it comes to paint, you can add some pops of “beach” colors into your space. This entryway is full of color and vitality. Perhaps the homeowner was attracted to these colors after going to the beach?

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Home Trends in 2014: Beyond the Color of the Year

Home trends to try in 2014.

Sometimes we crave something new. We want to check out a new store, buy a new pair of shoes, try a new restaurant or travel to a new city. Change can be fun, exciting, and energizing. The same concept holds true for your home. It can be fun to add a zip of color here, a dash of style there. At the same time, we can’t redecorate our home constantly—no one has the time or energy for that. But there are ways to update your home to give it a fresh feel without breaking the bank.

Color expert Kate Smith knows a thing or two about how to refresh a home. She keeps up on the latest trends in design and offers knowledgeable, fresh interior paint tips for homes. She says that there are ways to update the look of your house without having to redo an entire space.

“What’s really interesting and on trend at the moment is to add in a really unexpected color,” says Smith. “Take your scheme, maybe a traditional scheme that’s even been around for a while, and all of a sudden bring in an acidy green, or a swampy brown, or even a red violet, but a color that you just generally would not ever think to use with the other colors that you have going on.”

Modern Living Room by Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography

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2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

2014 Color Trends

Sometimes you want to incorporate a color into your home that’s fresh, colorful and trendy. That’s when you may consider the Pantone color of the year, which for 2014 is Radiant Orchid.

Let’s take a look at this color and discuss ways you can incorporate it into your home to update your décor.

Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid

As you can see, Radiant Orchid is in the purple-pink family, rich but not too bright or dark. It works well with neutrals, especially taupes, grays, and creams. According to Pantone, “As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows.” Read the rest of this entry »

Color Marketing Group 2015 Color Forecast

Color Trends for 2015

Mother earth once again dominates the color trends for the year of 2015. This is very understandable as solace and peace are linked in so many ways. We embrace new growth but also are drawn to the beauty of deterioration and the colors it reveals.

Once again blue green is in the forecast in a brighter and deeper value that is the perfect companion for rusty reds and mid-tone oranges.

Color trends for 2015.

Patina is the softening and burnishing of metals that add color as well as sheen to produce a mix of hues that fascinate and mesmerize our imaginations. Metals dominate the trends in many ways, from their original hues to those they become with time and erosion.

Color trends for 2015.

Fashion and cosmetics are leaders in color forecasting due to the fact that those trends change quickly for these markets.

Many colors in the forecast are linked to fashion with soft pink, rich berry colors, and a brown influenced plum.

Color trends for 2015.

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Halloween Inspired Interiors

Decorate your home with orange and black for Halloween and year-round.

Turn your home into a spellbinding and hauntingly beautiful house this Halloween and all year-round. The color combination of orange and black isn’t singularly reserved for October 31. Let the hues inspire your home’s interior.

Black and Orange Interiors

The pairing of black and orange has a rich history full of tradition. These colors trace back 2,000 years to the Celts, who occupied what is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France.

As life in that time revolved around food and the harvest, the Celts considered the end of the harvest season to be the end of the year. So each year on the date which in today’s Gregorian calendar system is October 31st, the Celts celebrated New Year’s Eve with a festival called “Samhain,” also known as the Festival of the Dead.

Samhain marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half.” It was traditionally celebrated over the course of several days. History tells us that the unbleached beeswax candles used in the various ceremonies of the festival were orange, while the ceremonial caskets were covered in black cloths. Read the rest of this entry »

The Economy and the Color (or non-color) Gray

The gray color palette.

gray color paletteGray creeps into the color palette in intervals that make a pattern. Gray is often considered industrial or utilitarian for many products, but it has been elevated to the top of the color chart in times of economic upheaval time and time again.

When the US was in the midst of WWII gray emerged as a popular companion to other grayed off colors. It lived a few more years before it was replaced with beige as the popular neutral. We didn’t see much of this achromatic hue as we went through the earth tones in the 60’s and 70s. In the late 70s the economy slid once again in gray flourished. Alongside the popular almond beiges you could find gray in textiles, paints and fashions. Read the rest of this entry »

Color Trends in 2013

Best colors for 2013.

Color trends come and go, but if you’re looking for an update, these palettes will keep you in style and your home fashionable.

Color of the Moment

Emerald green simultaneously evokes a feeling of energy and the tranquility of nature, making it a diverse choice for Pantone’s Color of the Year. These nuances in the essence of green are relatable across the spectrum. The range in green hues are popular across the board with shades of chartreuse being a top pick.

Pantone Moroccan BlueFeeling Blue

Blue serves as the up-and-comer for 2013 and into 2014. The Mediterranean shade of Moroccan Blue is the color of choice. Complement it with ranging colors of blue for a look with depth. This will keep you on trend into the upcoming year as it is predicted Moroccan Blue will be the Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year’s resolution: add color to your home

Raise your hand if you made a New Year’s resolution this year!

All month long we’ll be bringing your tips and advice to help stick to your home improvement resolutions. We’ll be covering topics such as adding getting your home organized and picking the best “green” products for your home. This week we’re tackling the subject of adding color to your home.

Adding a bold color to your home may seem a but scary and a little too permanent for some people. The trick to stepping outside of your color comfort zone is to incorporate colors that work with your existing color scheme vs doing a complete overhaul.

Create an accent wall
An accent wall can define a space, add interest to a room and even highlight an architectural feature of your home. Here is some advice when considering an accent wall:

  • Not all walls are suitable accent walls. There needs to be a reason for an accent wall and it needs to make sense in the overall design plan. A fireplace wall, a headboard wall or a window wall all make good accent wall candidates.
  • Accent walls don’t always have to be paint – Wallpaper works great for accent walls.
  • Accent walls allow you to incorporate bold colors into your home without committing all four walls– try dark charcoal, or dark chocolate color.

accent walls

Martha Stewart

You don’t need to put paint on the walls
Adding color to your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put paint brush to wall. Welove this idea of painting ceiling medallions in a bold color and then displaying them on a wall. Choosing a large object, such as these medallions, makes a big impact in a space with very little commitment.

Minneapolis design

Casa Sugar

Give your colors some punch
Sometimes adding a bold punch of color to an otherwise neutral space can have more impact than adding lots of color all over. Just take a look at these rooms featured on Apartment Therapy. In the top photo, all it took was a beautiful plant and a throw blanket to give the room some life. And the turquoise throw pillows in the bottom photo look so sharp next to the white sofa.

Minneapolis design

Apartment Therapy

Minneapolis paint

Apartment Therapy

There is Not a Single Color of the Year for 2013

I am sure you have seen various stories about the color of the year from many sources and for the most part they do not agree. From a pale yellow to a bright green with a blue in between the favorite colors are all over the spectrum.  It does not stop with the just a favorite hue it varies in value from light to dark and in intensity from bright to muted, but that is all part of the mystique.  Color trends are based on their end use so a color palette for an interior color can be 180 degrees away from an exterior selection.

The automotive industry has their forecast of the standard neutrals from white to black, bright primaries and twists and tweaks on current best sellers. Colors trends are different for sports cars than they are for trucks, small from large and pricey versus economical.

Fashion gurus predict colors from diaphanous tints to earthy tones, with no single hue standing out. They take some of their cues from Hollywood and the entertainment industry and the high couture houses. Color is very dependent on price point, style and end use.

Home furnishing colors are all over the board with a small palette for wood tones and a huge palette for paint. Long term colors like those found in carpet and tile lines are small selections that have neutrals as their best sellers and area rugs and pillows have brighter ranges.

When you take into consideration there are dozens of industries with even more color trends and possibilities it can be overwhelming and perhaps the answer is in naming one color as color of the year but that can be a disservice the all of the other colors that will emerge as important in 2013. With that in mind the resolution is in picking one strong color from each color family to feature as a strong frontrunner.

As we look ahead we also look back at childhood memories for comfort as expressed in Keepsakes. Copper is an earthy tone that is seen as both an interior and exterior favorite.

Comp Hues are based on computer generated design and new technology. Of all the colors you see in print, on the web or on the tube, bright blue stands out as the most commonly used hue.

. These soft, easy on the eye colors are perfect for any space in the home as they take us out of the maddening crowd into a haven of peace and a cloud of softness. Soft grays have emerged as strong contenders against the beige overload in today’s styles.

Out of Bounds are colors that express excitement, imagination and a look of surprise. We constantly look for the “new” in everything and finding what is the next big thing, color and design can provide that. Bright greens have come to light as everyday occurrences, no longer just a spark in the palette but a strong leader in some products.

Elemental describes a group of colors used to express our connection with nature and mother earth. This mango hue may not look like an earthtone when first viewed but think of a sunset and how it is nature’s curtain call on the day.

No Rules. Just when we think we have seen it all we find that to be totally untrue. Fashion is famous for breaking the rules and in fact breaking the rules is the sometimes the only way we can call something “new”.  Pink is a shining star in the fashion palette that has moved over into home furnishings schemes.

There may not be a single color for 2013 but look at this pared down palette of six stunning hues, each a star in its own right.

The fashion link to teen color trends

As much as we ridicule fashion shows for their outlandish styles and ridiculous clothes that few of us would wear in public these spectacles are just that; spectacles! They do this so that by the time the trend trickles down to ready to wear and then into home fashions a semblance of the designer’s idea is still present.

The most seen fashion is what appears on TV and in the movies. Because they are so widely watched they have a large influence on all of us. Youth markets have emerged as a strong impact on other markets, including high end and home furnishings. Young people have no boundaries when it comes to what coordinates with what and the mix of patterns and colors show their independence.

Grafiti has been an ever present icon for the youth market and its strong influence spreads to interior walls, especially for teenagers’ bedrooms and media rooms.

Often you will see fashion literally translated into home furnishings, here a common mix of patterns and color is rendered into a teen’s room.

Other motifs that appear in today’s youth market are tattoos, layering, Goth continued, vampires, dragons and magic.

The interest in vampires reinforces the black trend that has been common to teenagers for decades. The need to belong and fit in bolsters this trend.

It is not unusual for a teenager to want their bedrooms to be painted black, actually it is a strong influence even for adult bedrooms and other rooms in the house.

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