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“You know that thing? No, not that thing next to the chimney, on top…” Are these snippets of conversations familiar to anyone? Whether it’s the name of a structural detail or design element you don’t know, here are a few terms to throw down while chatting with your contractor or if  you find the need to impress your neighbor.

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Cricket - A second, small, pointed roof that diverts rainwater around something, such as a chimney, that projects out of a primary roof.

This Old House

Scuttle - A ceiling opening with a cover or hatchway.

This Old House

Efflorescence – The weathering on exposed bricks or stones that looks white and powdery. It appears when natural salts in the materials leach out and crystallize.

This Old House

You’re already sounding (and looking) smarter than the average homeowner. Head over to This Old House for additional House Parts You Didn’t Know Had a Name.

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