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What “Wood” You Do?

Everyone has some wood in their home, be it the kitchen cabinets, floor, furniture, trim or a myriad of other surfaces. Addressing color coordinates for the various colors that are available can be a difficult task for consumers.

Wood, in general is a neutral color ranging from pale pickled wood and unstained maple, oak or pine to a broad range of browns to dark ebony, cherry and walnut. Stain enables manufacturers of wood products to expand the color range beyond their normal constraints.

Here is a guideline to help consumers blend and coordinate wall colors and fabrics with wood colors.

Pale and light wood tones usually have a tan, gold or yellow appearance so colors that fall into those color families, such as Color Is 0267 Season Finale, 0882 Marzipan and 0921 Waxen Moon will work as monochromatic coordinates. For an accent or complementary use Color Is 0666 Trisha’s Eyes, 1260 Pretty Posie or 0486 Deep Space. These same paint colors can be inspiration for other items in the kitchen, such as the floor tile.  (istock photo 13106345)

Medium brown can be paired with equally neutral beiges and browns but can be highlighted with cool tones of blue and green, such as 0625 North Sea or 0751 Green Glass.(6064199)

Deep browns and nearly black wood tones can handle equally rich and deep colors such as 1040 Dark Marmalade, 1136 Romp and 1245 Purple Shadow. (10424856).

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