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Color Inspirations

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Find Your Focus

For this edition we will be discovering how you can brighten up your office and work spaces. Whether this is at home or in a larger shared space, with a few easy steps you can add a feeling of clarity and focus to your working environments. Using a palette of clean blues, a motivating color boost can be achieved to liven up dull desk spaces and even fuel work performance.  

Enhance meeting areas with the vibrancy of Marzena Dream. This dynamic blue is effective when paired with contemporary furniture and accessories for a modern finish. Marzena Dream has been used here in a clever zoning effect, this color has a refreshing feel that is perfect for transitioning spaces like this as it energizes passers-by.

Combine the power of Ocean Spray with the clarity of Melting Glacier for the ultimate focused work space. Bring people together by creating a balanced communal seating area with Brush Blue as a base. Use Ocean Spray in soft furnishing accents and decorative accessories to offset the stripped back nature of Melting Glacier.

Ocean Spray also works in all over application for office environments; with its slightly shaded quality, this color has a naturally balancing effect that will add distinctive calm to often stressful workplaces. Combined with natural plant life and classic office accessories in copper or brass, this color has a classic yet clean finish.  

This palette can be celebrated in considered combinations; pairing the neutrals such as Water Droplet and Melting Glacier in graphic and playful style works well on a feature wall. The blues of the last grouping have an effortless modern feel, perfect for working spaces. In big or small proportions, these colors can add a dynamic element to standard color schemes.

For the next article, we'll be looking to a spring refresh that will give you inspiration for your interior spaces.  

Spring Refresh
Living Greens

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