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Color Inspirations

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Step Outside

With Summer on the horizon it is the perfect time to venture outside and add some color to your exterior spaces. Explore fun ways to cheer up your garden by painting your outdoor furniture to add a pop of color or update your front door and fencing with a fresh lick of paint. This palette has exciting combinations for exterior applications, and if you follow our easy steps you can easily add some fun color to your home in time for Summer.  

Give your storage shed a facelift with the tonal combination of Abstract Idea, Into the Stratosphere and Awakening. Clean and clear, these colors will stand the test of time and will pair perfectly with most garden greenery or aesthetics. Add a wooden bench outside as a welcoming rest space.

For a classic yet fresh look opt for Awakening, this neutral is great for exterior walls and can be paired successfully with most colors and decorative styles. Here plant life has been used to add a new, natural style that complements the warm and natural quality of Awakening. This color can also be matched with a fresh white to highlight door and window frames.  

For real impact choose Tropical Heat, this bright shade will add instant impact to your exterior spaces. Apply as an accent on a feature wall or to paint furniture for a cheerful pop of color in your gardens. This color is the perfect accompaniment to the other shades in the palette and brings a joyful uplift to the otherwise classic colors.  

 Cute Pixie is a great option for a fresh front door, this natural green color will wear well and can be paired with many different wall shades for a harmonious combination. Into the Stratosphere works well applied to fencing and large wall expanses, this mid tone blue while classic brings a contemporary update to your outdoor spaces.

For the next article we will discover a new color palette to give you inspiration for Summer specific styles.

Summer Whites
Spring Refresh

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