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Professional Interiors

Use Color to set the Function, Style & Mood of your Space

Color GuildThis New Professional Interiors Color Guide has been designed to help establish the best colors for your business and professional interior.  This select palette of 39 colors will have a significant impact on any business and retail environment. 

Whether you are looking to enhance an office space, retail location, hospitality business, or care giving facility, we can help you create the professional interior that suits your style. 

As members of Color Marketing Group, our colorists are experts at finding the mix of interior colors that will enrich the experience of your space. 

Based on your business and professional goals, choosing the right color will have a subtle yet positive impact on your specific environment.

View the online version of the Professional Interiors Color Card by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and explore the  Warm, Cool and/or Neutral Color options of this selection by using the navigation on the left of this page.

The Professional Interiors Color Card is perfect for the following environments:

•   Office & Business Environments
•   Insitutional
•   Health Care Facilities
•   Retail
•   Hospitality
•   Entertainment

Warm Colors

Color Guild

Red              Red fills a space with energy.  Ideal for internal meeting rooms or gathering spaces where brainstorming and idea generation is needed.

Orange        Orange is modern and clean.  Used mostly as an accent color, orange is ambitious and welcomes everyone into a room.  Make your customers and visitors feel invigorated when they enter your space.

Yellow           Cheerful and inviting.  Yellow is fresh, yet cozy.  Making your customers, visitors, and employees feel at ease when they enter your space is ideal when your business deals with sensitive or personal matters.

Colors shown are based on computer screen-rendering RGB values and can only approximate the actual paint color.

Cool Colors

Color Guild

Green               Relaxing renewal.  Green is great for spaces were relaxation or meditation is key.  Great for entryways and bathrooms, rooms where you want balance and harmony.  Make your guests feel pampered upon arrival.  This is ideal if your professional interior is a hospitality oriented business.

Blue               Classic and tranquil.  In lighter tones, blue is great for its restful and soothing qualities.  In darker tones, strong and confidant and demands respect. When professional interiors service sensitive issues and care giving, it is important to set people at ease while instilling trust.

Purple              Rich and luxurious.  An elegant color that creates mystery.  You can’t wait to discover what’s inside.  A perfect color for retail spaces to pull your customers further into your space.

Colors shown are based on computer screen-rendering RGB values and can only approximate the actual paint color.
Neutral Colors

Color Guild

Brown        Earthy and comfortable, yet strong and professional.  Brown gives an informal feel that is sophisticated yet inviting.  Give your office staff the perfect environment:  the marriage of productivity and comfort.

Gray            Innovative and dignified.  A color that inspires creativity.  Paired with other colors, can create looks both trendy and classic.  Ideal for professional interiors focusing on creativity such as art studios, design firms, and creative retail or office locations.

Cream          Calming transition.  Cream complements all colors and is a good transition between rooms. 

Beige          Friendly and comfortable, a great foundation for any room.

White          Revitalizes.  White creates a space that is fresh and inviting, but all-white rooms can be harsh if texture is not used to add variety.

Black          Commanding and dignified.  Black adds depth and dimension to a room.  Use black as an accent color to add elegance and sophistication to a space. 


Colors shown are based on computer screen-rendering RGB values and can only approximate the actual paint color.
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